Raynault VFX

Raynault VFX

Description de la compagnie

VFX studio offering state-of-the-art visual effects services for Films: 

Matte Painting 
CG environments 
Concept Art 

Mathieu Raynault has been producing matte paintings and illustrations for over 15 years. He is well known for his contribution on many big-name film productions like The Lord of the Rings & The Matrix series, Terminator Salvation, Indiana Jones, The Golden Compass, King Kong, Gangs of New York, and Star Wars saga; as well as many video games and print advertising projects. 

Inspired by a passion for photography and fine art, and backed by university studies in architecture, Mathieu loves to design large-scale landscapes, futuristic cities and historical reconstructions with photo-realistic detail 

After five years at RODEO FX, the internationally-known VFX studio he co-founded with Sebastien Moreau in 2006, Mathieu has since launched his own creative studio with small group of accomplices. He offers services in CG environment, matte painting, creative retouching & concept art.

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