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  • Date de publication: 3 févr. 2017
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Description de la compagnie

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LaunchLeap est une startup Montréalaise qui offre une nouvelle solution aux entreprises pour mener des enquêtes interactives. Notre plateforme de feedback participative et sociale réhausse l'expérience usager, ce qui a un impact sur la qualité du feedback et des idées qu'une marque peut recevoir de ces clients et fans.

Sommaire du poste

About LaunchLeap LaunchLeap is a social feedback and co-creation platform that brands use to interact with their customers. Our team of 8 is backed by angel investment and we’re growing quickly with high profile clients such as Bauer Hockey, Cascades and The Opera of Montreal. CTO responsibilities:
  • 70% - Technical platform design and lead development – LaunchLeap is currently in the process of ramping up the development of several innovative features. We’re a highly iterative team, so the CTO must be able to quickly understand and use foundational tools in order to effectively ship code. The CTO must obviously be full stack with a willingness to come in and put a new direction and stamp on the technology. Our front-end development is done in HTML, CSS, javascript. Our back-end development: SQL, PHP/node.js
  • 10%-Grow technical leaders – the CTO will be leading a team of 3 developers ( and growing!). Understanding challenges, teaching and leading are all part of the CTO’s responsibilities.
  • 5%- Seeing the big picture (in graphic detail) – The CTO will be the person in the room who will have the most important say with respect to technology. That means knowing what's written and what's not, what the architecture can and can't support, and how long it would take to build something new. That's more than just drawing architecture diagrams, though. Being able to see the macro and micro simultaneously is a hallmark of a great technologist.
  • 5%- Find the 80/20 - Sometimes, you're in a meeting where a teammate or client wants to build a new feature. And in their mind, they've got it all spec'ed out. It slices, it dices, and probably washes your car too. The CTO needs to see a way to get 80% of the benefit for 20% of the cost/labor. "Would you be able to learn what you need to learn if that feature just sliced, but not diced? Because if we don't have to add a dicing module, we can repurpose the flux capacitor via solar flares...."
  • 5%- Provide options – The LaunchLeap CTO never says "that's impossible" or "we'd never do that." Instead, he/she finds options. If the CEO wants/needs to completely change the product in order to serve a new customer segment, the CTO needs to digest the needs of the new (proposed) business, and lay out the costs/benefits of each possible approach. It’s challenging, but wouldn’t you be bored doing something that isn’t?
  • 5%- General hardware- software infrastructure- Infrastructure and security maintenance is a necessary pain!
  Skill set:
  • Self-learner and problem-solver.
  • Able to understand new technologies, design architectures around them
  • Able to take initiatives.
  • 5+ years of experience in web development. If you led a team that’s a huge plus.
  • Complete handle on the follow languages:
    • PHP “vanilla”
    • MySQL
    • JS/Jquery
    • Git (Github)
  • Solid understanding of:
    • Apache (and ssl protocol)
    • Linux
  • Mix of salary and equity: yearly combined value ranging from $70,000- $100,000 depending on experience.
  Why work at LaunchLeap
  • We’re going through a growth spurt, and there’s an opportunity to make a huge impact
  • You’ll be working in an environment where being innovative and thinking outside the box is a pre-requisite, not just something you do once a month on a Friday afternoon.
  • Fun work environment (ping pong, nice work location, happy hours, flexible work hours)
  • We’re not just working part-time on this: LaunchLeap has raised $500,000 and currently in the midst of another round
  • We work with marketing and innovation teams that are nationally known.
  • The team is fun and you’ll learn. A lot. About a lot.

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