GTI Canada

GTI Canada

Company Description

Founded in Montreal in 1989, GTI Canada is led by a team of creative and rigorous entrepreneurs who are passionate about business and technology.
Constantly looking for talented and passionate people who want to succeed, GTI Canada offers stimulating challenges that take into account the efforts, talents and interests of everyone.

Company Vision

At GTI, we believe that a sound investment in IT contributes directly to the achievement of the strategic objectives of the entrepreneur or intrapreneur.
To us, "strategic partner" means:
  • Proximity
    • We share your concerns and speak the same language: growth, efficiency, profitability
    • We offer a one-stop personalized service
    • We stick to your reality and adapt to the rhythm of your daily operations
    • We assign you a stable team that understands your issues and business priorities
  • Rigor
    • We base our interventions on the global GTI approach, a guarantee of excellence
    • We document our interventions to ensure a better return on your investments
    • We scrupulously monitor the reliability and security of your IT
    • We ensure a technological watch to maximize the efficiency of your information assets
  • Commitment
    • We invest in mastering your business issues and optimizing your IT
    • We collaborate with your other partners to ensure that your IT investments meet your current needs

Company Values

    • Our priority is to understand our customers' needs and to respond as appropriately as possible, always in their best interests. GTI always respects its commitments to its customers, the quality of service, the products offered, the schedule and the budgets agreed upon.
  • TEAM
    • All in the same direction and for the same goal. Working by sharing knowledge without restraint. We also call this collaboration. We support our colleagues in achieving the company's common goals and projects.
    • Provide the best service possible by taking the initiative and demonstrating our willingness to assist and meet the needs of external and internal customers. Our interactions demonstrate vigilance, respect for customer needs, and adherence to company standards and guidelines.
    • Integrity means working with transparency and honesty with our clients, colleagues and business partners. It is also the ability to admit mistakes and give credit where credit is due.
    • Passion is the infectious enthusiasm that employees share for technology, for serving and advising our customers, and for the work we do, whatever it may be. Passion is demonstrated by our dynamism and entrepreneurial spirit in all our business practices. It is a source of pride to be part of the GTI team.

Products and services

Founded in 1989, GTI is a Montreal-based IT consulting firm with over 25 years of experience. Multidisciplinary, we are able to meet all your IT needs.
We offer outsourcing services (complete management of computer networks), design and implementation of custom software solutions (including web solutions) and a web intelligence center that creates powerful digital ecosystems.

Company's jobs

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