Korbit Technologies Inc.

Korbit Technologies Inc.

Company Description

Korbit Technologies is a Canadian startup building the future of online education: intelligent tutors, which use AI to teach students through interactive exercises and conversations. Students solve exercises while conversing with an intelligent tutor online, which adapts itself to each student's personal learning profile and provides targeted pedagogical interventions. 

Company Vision

Korbit's vision of a personal AI tutor for everyone will help young professionals to learn faster and better in a cost-effective way. Korbit has already helped teach thousands and is now partnering with universities and companies to advance the AI tutoring system.

Products and services

Korbit Technologies is developing a real-time interactive and personalized intelligent tutor which can make a big difference in learning outcomes and student motivation, and have been designed to scale to thousands of courses and millions of students. Korbit’s mission is to democratize education by providing a high quality, interactive and personalized education for students around the world at low cost. 

Company's jobs

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