Company Description

Since 2015, Atecna has collaborated with industry leaders, local companies, start-ups and is committed to their success. We specialize in UX / UI, front-end development and digital performance optimization. We are also strongly involved in Montreal communities.
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Atecna Montreal is a local agency of ATECNA France.
The group was born in 2007, it is made up of 3 agencies and 180 employees.

Company Vision

We improve your digital performance with a human-centred approach.

We are value creators
Digital technologies and products are evolving at an exponential rate and yet many companies are unable to capitalize on this trend.

We focus on Humans
To have a meaningful impact, we focus on the people who create and consume digital experiences. We work closely with your teams to co-create digital services and products adapted to your end-users.

Our Expertise at your Service
Our experts in UX, UI, Analytics, SEO, and Front-End Development provide customized services to help your team deliver impactful and measurable results.

Company Values

Human ????
We prefer long-term interactions and collaborations. Our employees are permanent in order to allow them to progress and fulfil themselves while respecting their own values. The well-being of our consultants is important to us.
Performance ????
We work to achieve objectives by implementing simple and pragmatic actions. We prefer to move forward incrementally, keeping the measurement of results at the centre of our thinking.

Proximity ????
We prefer to work within our clients' teams to better understand their context and issues. Our clients are local. We favour a simple organization with a local management.

Sharing ????
Our team meets at least once a week at the agency and we create moments of sharing between our different expertises. We get together around common activities to share more than just belonging to Atecna. We participate financially and through conferences in the development of Montreal communities of expertise: Vue.js, TLMUX, RDV E-Commerce, UXR circle, Agile Tour Montreal, ...

Products and services

We offer our clients tailor-made support to achieve their objectives by relying on our expertise: UX, UI, Technical Expertise and Digital Perfomance (Analytics and SEO).
We also offer training to make our clients more independent.

Company's jobs

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