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Rogue Factor: Montreal's Boutique Studio

While our hometown is known the world over for its vibrant game industry, comprising both renowned AAA giants and a myriad of small indies, we believe that a space exists also right in the middle for something radically different.

A space for the emergence of a bold and original new model, a middleweight developer with human-sized teams composed of both industry veterans and talented newcomers; with the capacity to produce creatively ambitious titles that are intricate, deep, personal, and captivating. It is this new model of game development that we affectionately dub Boutique Studio.

We want to create video games that are not afraid of being just that – games – unabashedly interactive and mechanically engrossing.

In order to achieve this, Rogue Factor’s General Manager, Yves Bordeleau, has partnered with Creative Director Jonathan Jacques-Belletête, one of the creators behind the famed Deus Ex franchise, to create Montreal’s first Boutique Studio. Together, they have drawn a roadmap which foresees the expansion of our current team to a total of 80-100 members, working with enviable development budgets and appropriate production timelines on medium scale and truly unique projects, created by and for gamers.

Company Vision

Design Distinctions Create Desire

At Rogue Factor, we strongly believe that the most important aspect of any creation is the strength of its design distinctions. 

A powerful idea is one that has a voice of its own, born from an audacious vision to generate new meaning and leave no one indifferent.

In order for a game to be truly memorable, for it to jolt people’s hearts and minds, its distinctive elements should be mystifying when first witnessed. 

They should challenge the audience’s pre-defined perspectives and expectations, forcing people to stop in their tracks, take notice, process, and dissect the information.

When this effect is achieved, when a product’s distinctions completely capture the onlooker’s imagination, it generates fascination and desire. 

A desire to know more, a desire to understand, a desire to be a part of and to possess.

Our goal is to offer breathtaking original tales that will unfold as you, the player, get to live and breathe them for yourself like never before. 

By fully embracing this ideal and striving to achieve its very embodiment, our ambition is nothing less than to write tomorrow’s gaming history.

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