Company Description

DZOptics's core team has leading high and new technologies in optical design, structural design, electronic design, image processing, software algorithms, etc. It currently owns more than 200 patents in intellectual property rights and has self-developed advanced MTF testing equipment to meet high-end lens testing; it has a perfect R&D laboratory to help complete various testing and evaluation and experimental tasks in the R&D center.

In terms of manufacturing, DZOptics has a group of experienced professionals from well-known foreign companies, a class 10,000 clean room assembly workshop of 1,000m² and a workplace of up to class 100, where production efficiency can reach over 95%, production straight line rate can reach over 96% and production plan achievement rate is 100%. With professional manufacturing capability and perfect quality management system, DZOptics is already a trusted lens supplier by domestic and international customers.

Our products include industrial lenses, telecentric lenses, fixed focus FA lenses, line scan lenses, large target lenses, security surveillance lenses, vehicle lenses, infrared lenses, drone lenses, etc. We have developed a full range of products with high quality, stable supply and short delivery time. Our products are used in many fields such as packaging, modern logistics, transportation, security and surveillance, printing, electronics, textile, automobile manufacturing, tobacco, semiconductor, medical and pharmaceutical.

DZOptics not only emphasizes the growth of technology in product design and development, but also integrates superior product technology into production, thus ensuring stable and reliable product quality in volume production. The company is managed in strict accordance with ISO9001 and ISO14000 systems and is a reliable and stable global optical solutions provider with a comprehensive operational and quality assurance system.

Optoelectronics Division

The Optical Division has a complete manufacturing chain from supply chain management, SMT placement of circuit boards to assembly and testing of optoelectronic modules and industrial cameras; a number of technical and engineering management personnel who have been professionally engaged in the manufacturing of optoelectronic products for a long time. We specialize in the OEM manufacturing of optoelectronic modules and camera products.

The optical division adopts Japanese manufacturing management and quality management mode, with industrial camera OEM manufacturing as the core business, insisting on the principle of customer first and quality first, and always pursuing the expert level of OEM manufacturing of optoelectronic modules and cameras.

Our Culture

The company's core value proposition is "always preaching and doing good to our customers, employees, society and shareholders", and our business philosophy is to create together, share together, work happily and live healthily. The company adheres to the corporate philosophy of always acting in good faith and in accordance with the laws of people, products and companies, and provides customers with 100% satisfactory products and services.

Products and services

Our products include: optical lenses, aspheric lenses, infrared lenses, automotive lenses, sports DV lenses, video conference lenses, and we are committed to providing the most professional and comprehensive custom development services to our global customers; our products are sold in both domestic and overseas markets, with a 7:3 ratio between domestic and overseas sales.

Company's jobs

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