Mantra Pharma inc.

Mantra Pharma inc.

Company Description


That’s what we do every day at Mantra. To achieve this, we have expanded over the years. We can now count on a series of divisions that contribute, each in their own way, to improving our service offering.


  • Mantra Pharma markets proprietary and partner generic drugs to owner-pharmacists, salaried employees and PTAs in Quebec and Canada. 

  • Mantra Medical markets its products to healthcare professionals, such as doctors and nurses. It specializes in bone health. 

  • Mantra Solutions is a consulting and continuing education company that specializes in optimizing pharmacy methods for laboratory teams. 

  • Mantra Distribution provides warehousing, delivery and all logistics services related to the distribution of medicines and products, while meeting the highest quality standards. 

  • Myriad Pharma focuses on over-the-counter pharmaceuticals. It represents Mantra’s and its partners’ products to pharmaceutical banners while ensuring day-to-day execution in pharmacy.

Company Vision

We help provide better care

Company Values

At Mantra, we value respect, enjoyment, creativity, transparency and efficiency.

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