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Company Description

Entreprise d’origine sherbrookoise, Sherweb est un leader mondial dans l’industrie du « cloud computing ». Évoluant dans un environnement stimulant et dynamique, l’équipe technique de Sherweb exploite les toutes dernières technologies dans le domaine des TI et y excelle. En pleine expansion, nous comptons plus de 25 000 clients répartis dans plus de cent pays. C’est pourquoi nous sommes à la recherche des meilleurs talents ! De plus, en vous joignant à notre équipe, vous ferez partie d’une entreprise ayant reçu la certification Employeur Remarquable®, décernée par le Bureau de normalisation du Québec. Le défi vous intéresse ?

Job Summary

Position: Full-time, permanent position.
Start date: As soon as possible.
Here’s  what we do and why we do it.
Simply put, we will work together to simplify businesses’ IT with cloud technology so they can focus on what really matters, making people’s lives better. 
How do we do it?

Our team structure embraces agile and DevOps values, by product, with a strong bond that unites us to share and unify our practices. To achieve this, we have even created our own DevEx team which has only one mission: Help development teams to be even more efficient in order to deliver value in a sustainable way!

We take pride in what we deliver as a product and our customers make us feel it! It’s because of the teamwork, passion and customer focus (basically Sherweb values!) that we get there!

Our management team, aware of the 2021 reality, supports us in our organization, listens to us and offers us modern and innovative evolution. Last one on the list: self-assignment of team members once a year!

Are you starting to feel the vibe? ;) Basically, we always try to improve, modernize, even if everything is not always perfect
Here's what we are looking for:

Good developers, team players, always eager to learn and improve their skills, who like well-structured and high-performance code, object oriented, and that excel in backend or frontend or both.

So if you want to work hard in a multidisciplinary product team, really be the “owner” of what you do, have fun with your colleagues (happy hours, online gaming nights, Friday beer), all in a flexible and respectful environment, well Sherweb is the place where you want to work, and for a long time!
Here's what we offer:
  • Flexible schedule (35 to 40 hours per week)
  • Flexible group insurance according to your needs, including a healthcare spending account and telemedicine
  • Advantageous savings plan (RRSP or TFSA) with Sherweb’s contribution
  • Annual vacations available from your first day
  • Paid training hours
  • Post-Covid remote work possible.
Here's the ideal background for this position:  
  • Demonstrated experience in developing Web applications, APIs and SaaS products
  • Knowledge and application of SOLID and DDD principles, as well as a strong orientation for clean code
  • Experience with the following technologies: .Net Core, .Net Framework, C#, Angular, EntityFramework, Nhibernate (or other frameworks), SQL Server, MongoDB, RabbitMQ
  • If your experience is in Java and you are interested in learning C#, we have an internal training team to support you
  • Bilingualism (French and English)
  • College or University diploma in computer science.
If you have these skills, you will fit right in with us:
  • Communication skills – Why? Because you will be expected to explain and vulgarize concepts by adapting the style and content of your messages to your audience (whether it’s internal client, external clients or your teammates).
  • Organization and resourcefulness – Why? Because we don’t believe in micromanagement. You will need to figure out solutions on your own by using your skills, your knowledge and any relevant information you can get your hands on.
  • Problem-solving skills – Why? Because when you will face a problem, you will first analyze the information before identifying the possible causes. You will then explore and implement the most efficient and logical solutions.
  • Adaptability – Why? Because our industry evolves constantly. You will have to adjust your thinking and methods to better suit new or unplanned situations (whether it’s for your daily tasks or your work environment).  
Here’s  what you can expect from us.
Shortcutting your journey to your aspirations is possible when you surround yourself early on with knowledgeable and genuine people. We will put you in charge of important responsibilities from the beginning so that you can build your professional reputation. We will also help you quickly identify your strengths to build a strong foundation for your potential.
This is our team philosophy.
Humans were built to create. What unites our team is the sense of purpose we get from building the platforms that make technology possible and accessible for people.  That's who we are, not just what we do. If you share this philosophy, you might just be one of us. Send us your resume to tell us your story.

Sherweb is committed to fostering, cultivating and preserving an environment of diversity and inclusion where everybody can feel welcome. We're looking to grow our teams with people who share our passion for innovation and creating the best experience for our employees, partners and clients.

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