Description de la compagnie

OMsignal has developed a revolutionary line of bio-sensing clothing that connect seamlessly with mobile devices. 

OMsignal garments are designed for everyday wear, to compliment life without getting in the way of life. Physiological signals acquired from the body are filtered and interpreted to deliver useful information and actionable insights to consumers, health and medical practitioners and to researchers in a variety of human related fields of research. 

The information and insights derived from OMsignal include ECG, activity and breathing patterns as well as a measure of tension level or “emotive” states.

Based in Montreal, Canada, and backed by Canadian and US-based venture capital funds, the OMsignal team is composed of a cross-section of scientists, engineers, fashion designers, intelligent textile fiber specialists, medical practitioners as well as mobile UX and mobile product experts.

Offres de l’entreprise

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