Helix Enterprise Collaboration Systems

Helix Enterprise Collaboration Systems

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From the ground up, Helix is different. Our experience has taught us that each business is different and very dynamic. That means “one size” cannot fit all. That’s why we’ve built our solution on the foundation that it must be configurable and adaptable – because your needs will inevitably evolve. It must also be intuitive  so that it can be reconfigured by the stakeholders that manage the processes. Helix360 is implemented without lengthy external consulting involvement, customization or programming. If you can describe your business objectives, we can give you the tools to intuitively achieve them.

Helix360 will help you define a new way of working with your information. You will now be able to access the “six degrees of separation” between the object you are working with and everything else related to it. You will no longer be constrained by the systems, databases or locations where your records reside. IT’s simply about the processes and contextual relationships.

Whether you provide a service or a product, you have challenges. Our goal is to provide you with the solution that lets you address those challenges instinctively using the knowledge about your business that you already have. You always knew there was a better way to run your company, you just didn’t have the toolset to make it happen.

Now it’s here.


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