E2C - Ecritel Cloud Center

E2C - Ecritel Cloud Center

Description de la compagnie

☁ e2c IS THE FASTEST & MOST AVAILABLE CLOUD IN CANADA... YES WE ARE, CHECK THIS OUT www.cedexis.com/get-the-data/country-report/ 

☁ e2c (Ecritel Cloud Center) is a Leading & True Global 24*7 Managed Cloud Computing, Hosting Provider & IaaS. Offices in North America (Montreal & New York), Europe (Moscow, Paris & Nantes), South America (Sao Paulo) & AsiaPac (Shanghai & Hong Kong).

☁ Strong Managed Cloud Infrastructure, CDN, Networks & Expertise for eCommerce, SaaS, Digital Platforms & Transactional IaaS with Dynamic Content Accelerator Solutions (CDN) supporting high availability IaaS platform, online shopping stores & high volume traffic with unpredictable peak periods.

☁ WE WORK WITH THE BEST & THE LARGEST CUSTOMERS IN NORTH AMERICA, EUROPE & ASIA... We build and manage the BEST CLOUD architecture with the State-of-The-Art technologies (Servers & Network)

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