Canada Learning Code Inc.

Canada Learning Code Inc.

Description de la compagnie

Our educational programs are designed for specific audiences to maximize our impact and support engaged and digitally fluent communities.

Vision de l'entreprise

We are champions for coding education in Canada, driving results through program design and delivery, strategic industry and public partnerships, educator training, research, advocacy and awareness.


We aim to empower Canadians in every province and territory to develop computational thinking abilities, through code and other digital skills, equipping them to become creators – not just consumers – of technology.


We believe that diversity is Canada’s strength and everyone should be given equal opportunity to learn critical 21st century skills. Our goal is to level the educational playing field to drive innovation.

Valeurs de l'entreprise

At Canada Learning Code, we believe that digital skills are tools of empowerment. Our goal is to ensure that all Canadians – particularly women, girls, people with disabilities, Indigenous youth and newcomers – who have been historically underrepresented in the sector are given equal opportunity to build our future.

Produits et services offerts

Coding classes/workshope/events.

Offres de l’entreprise

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