Blaise transit

Blaise transit
  • Adresse: 3451 St Laurent Blvd #300, Montreal, QC
  • Site web:
  • Nombre d’employés: Moins de 25 employés
  • Numéro de téléphone: 514-581-9158

Description de la compagnie

Blaise is on a mission to clean up our streets - clean them of single-occupant cars and empty city buses. Technology has transformed and (in most cases) improved how we receive and purchase services - from vacations to food delivery to taxi services. Blaise is doing the same for public buses. Our on-demand bus platform allows any transit agency in the world to run dynamic bus services - a service that changes routes and schedules constantly based on where people want to go. In less than a year of existence, we’ve been able to start working with some of Canada’s largest transit authorities to make this vision a reality.  

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