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Gain Confidence in Book Review Writing - Smart Guide

Student life means a life full of assignments, always worried about meeting deadlines and the upcoming exams. The stresses of student life make us lose confidence at times but they also teach us to control our nerves. There are times when we are really confident about the assignment that we have done but the teacher’s feedback surprises us.

Once you begin your student life, you have to assume many roles. Sometimes you have to become an essay writer, other times you have to be a researcher and at times you have to be a reviewer. While writing essays you are confident because you are free to free choose your theme and your argument. While doing a book review you have to base your arguments on somebody else’s arguments.

If you want to gain confidence in writing a book review, you must follow the steps listed below.

Look for the background of the author and the book 

Most students skim through the preface of the book and the introduction of the author of a paper writing service. Having background knowledge is always good because this helps you understand the context in which the book was written. Also, an introduction to the author allows you to understand the work better. Besides, you also have to write a brief introduction of the author at the beginning of your book review.

Look for additional sources on the same topic/theme

This helps you to construct your argument better. You cannot review a book if you are totally unfamiliar with the subject matter of the book. If you have only read one book on a particular subject then it would be difficult for you to review it. In order to construct an informed argument, you can simply do a quick internet service. Even if you are getting your book review done from the best essay writing service online, you must at least have the know-how of the subject matter under review. This helps in the construction of meaning and increases your understanding of the text that you read.

Make sure to consult your notes while writing your book review

If you are not in the habit of making notes then you are in trouble. It is not humanly possible to remember all the important details that you come across while reading a book. If you have to write essay for me or a book review then you must take notes and you can also add your comments while taking notes. This would help you remember what argument you had in mind when you read through that part of the book.

Follow an essay like pattern

Since an essay has a very well-organized and coherent body you can follow the pattern of an essay. Your Book Review would be quite engaging if you follow a patterned organization. Start with the introduction of the book and the author and try to construct a relevant thesis statement. Make sure you discuss just one idea or one argument in a paragraph. Move your arguments from generic to specific along the length of your book review and write a compelling conclusion. Your book review does not have to necessarily be an essay or look like an essay, it just has to have a coherent and organized pattern or pay someone to write my paper.

Don’t criticize for the sake of criticism

You do not have to deliberately criticize the author of the book or the context of the book. You are not analyzing the book but reviewing it so you just have to write your view of the book. You do not have to make an effort to look for the shortcomings in the text. Also, your review should be something more than I really like or dislike this work. Make sure you understand the write my essay subject matter well and do not write what you are not sure about. This would seriously mar the quality of your book review.

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